Beth Moore a household name in Christian homes

Beth Moore has become a household word in some Christian homes today. But who is she really? Beth is the daughter of a retired Army major and a homemaker. She was born in Green Bay Wisconsin and raised in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. When she was young, she worked with her father who was the manager of the local cinema. Working there, she learned to love stories: hearing them, writing them, and telling them to others. Later on, she learned about the story of Jesus in Sunday School and it captured her heart.

When she was 18, Beth believed that God wanted her to work for Him. She didn’t know yet what kind of work that would be but she made it her life’s goal to serve Him in any way she can. She went to Southwest Texas State University where she took up political science. She also received an honorary doctorate from Howard Payne University for humanities. In 1978, she married Keith Moore and was blessed with two daughters, Amanda and Melissa. During this time, Beth worked for God by leading a class in Christian aerobics, speaking at retreats and luncheons, and even volunteering at Mother’s Day Out.

Beth learned to love God’s Word more when she joined a Bible doctrine class offered by her church. There, she met Buddy Walters, her teacher, who was extremely passionate about the Word of God. Whenever he taught the Scriptures, tears would roll down his cheeks. Beth was inspired by Buddy’s love for the Word and prayed that she would also have the same kind of passion. Buddy and Keith were the first people to ever teach Beth how to study the Bible.

In 1994, Beth formed Living Proof Ministries to help women learn how to love God’s Word and live their life by it. Part of her work includes writing books and Bible studies , most of which have been read by millions of women from all over the world. Some of her books are James: Mercy Triumphs, Breaking Free, The Patriarchs, and Believing God. She has toured all 50 states holding Beth’s Living Proof Live Conferences. Her work has reached numerous countries including Ireland, the Philippines, India, Puerto Rico, Singapore, England, Angola, Kenya, and even South Africa.Beth Moore Blog

In 2004, Beth formed a radio ministry called Living Proof with Beth Moore. She also teaches Bible study on TV in the program “Life Today with James and Betty Robison” every Wednesday. On Tuesdays, Beth hosts a Bible study for women of different denominations at Houston’s First Baptist Church. HFBC was the church that Beth went to for over 25 years until Bayou City Fellowship was formed by her son-in-law Curtis in 2011.

Today, Beth continues to serve God through her marriage with Keith which has held fast for 33 years and her work in television, print, and radio. Her daughters also serve God via the Living Proof Ministries.