Beth Moore who has reached out to the masses

Today, numerous of people around the world are illiterate when it comes to the Bible. Many of us are unable to list down the 10 commandments, name the 4 Gospels, or even tell others who Moses is. Today’s world is more connected towards the trends seen on TV and the Internet. We have become more focused on gaining profit, friends, and material things rather than gaining spiritual knowledge through the Bible. Most of us would probably feel bored just thinking about studying the Bible. Why do so when you could go out and see a movie or chat with friends online?

But thankfully, there are people like Beth Moore who has reached out to the masses and figured out a way to help people learn more about God’s Word and how they can live by it. Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries and an author of numerous books and Bible studies. And her work has reached millions of people around the world including the countries of Ireland, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

So, how does Beth Moore help others find their faith and live by it? Firstly, Beth is able to teach the Scriptures in a straightforward manner. She doesn’t fall into the trap of talking about gay marriages or suicides assisted by physicians. Instead, she focuses on how the Word of God can help you live your life. In fact, all of her books and Bible studies teach women that Jesus can and will completely change their lives. Another thing that makes her so popular is that she sometimes uses humor to make her point but her humor has never been demeaning. This engages her audience without turning them off altogether. And she also uses her humor to point out salient facts found in Scripture or in people’s lives.

In her speaking engagements, whether on radio or on TV, Beth Moore connects everyday living in her teachings. She shows how much she understands what it is to be a woman in today’s world. She is continually engaging her audience because she knows what they are going through and are able to help them see how they can deal with the everyday by using God’s Word. And in each and every time you hear Beth Moore speak, you cannot deny her passion for God’s Word and her love for Jesus.

Beth Moore BlogOf course, it cannot be discounted that there are also a lot of Beth Moore critics. There are plenty who discount her teachings simply because she’s a woman. There are also others who claim that her teachings have more to do with pop psychology and mysticism rather than the Scripture. And there are also groups of people who believe that Beth Moore does a bit of Bible twisting here and there, taking the Scripture out of context and putting her own meaning to it. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, it cannot be denied that many of women have developed a closer relationship with the Bible and with God through Beth Moore. And if that’s not a good thing, then I don’t know what is.

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