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Beth Moore BlogBeth Moore is one of the most well-known spiritual speakers in the world today. She has made a major impact on many believers, changing millions of lives by enabling women to become closer to God. Beth is very passionate about God’s Word and one of the main reasons why she does her work is to create a united front of God-loving women who live and serve God in everything they do. She also encourages women to form supportive relationships with each other. Beth Moore uses several mediums to teach people about God’s Word including live conferences, books, Bible studies, TV programs, and a radio ministry.
In all of her speaking engagements, whether in person, on TV, or on radio, Beth is very straightforward. She talks about how God is always for us and not against us. At the same time, she also teaches believers that being honest with God should be our top priority. She also reiterates that while we may feel ashamed of some things in our lives, trusting ourselves to God is the best thing that we can do because God knows everything about us and still loves us. Her teachings also reinforce that there are things in our lives that are of God and there are things in our lives that are of this world. And, our duty is to separate ourselves from the things of this world, particularly sin.
What enables Beth Moore to generate such a big impact on Christian women is the fact that she understands what it means to be a contemporary woman. She understands the responsibilities we carry, the hurts we experience, the trials we go through, and even the happy times. And she uses all of the everyday things that we encounter to show us how we can be closer to God and how we can live on His Word. Aside from being a dynamic speaker, she is also a teacher who can use humor to help drive her point or make her teaching clear. Her humor, while entertaining, is never demeaning unlike others today. She also uses movies, stories, and even quotes to help her audience easily understand what she’s saying.
Beth Moore’s impact on Christianity has been felt across all 50 states and even around the world. Her books and Bible studies have been brought into many different countries by American missionaries and pastors. These countries include the Philippines, South Africa, Puerto Rico, India, England, and Ireland, to name a few. She holds live conferences and is even a regular speaker on the TV program “Life Today with James and Betty Robison.” She also has a radio ministry called Living Proof with Beth Moore. On Tuesdays, she hosts a Bible study for women of all kinds of denominations in Houston’s First Baptist Church. Day after day, more and more women learn to read the Scripture and live their life on God’s Word through Beth Moore’s work. We hope that she continues to serve God and His people throughout her life.

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